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When planning for your future, there are many things you might need to get sorted before making the transition.

Among these are home decor and remodeling projects that will prepare you for living independently later on in life, whether it will be in the near future or further down the line.
As with most important life events, planning ahead of time can help ease the burden of some difficult transitions during this delicate phase of life!

And if planned correctly, certain key home improvements could mean the difference between your health staying intact or falling victim to an otherwise debilitating lifestyle change.
ADA Aluminum Ramp
We take into account everything that matters to you and create customized ADA Renovations that address all of your needs.

An ADA Renovations Contractor Can:

  • Modify kitchens and bathrooms to increase safety and accessibility.
  • Add grab bars and other safety features to bathrooms.
  • Install ramps and other features to make it easier to get around.
  • Create rooms that are easier to navigate.
  • Improve lighting, heating, and air conditioning.
  • Create customized storage solutions.
  • Improve access to computers, phones, and other essential home technologies.
  • Improve access to the outdoors via patio, deck.
Custom ADA Renovation Ramp

In-Home ADA Renovations

Before planning your next home remodeling or home addition project, speak with one of our ADA renovations professionals first. We are experts in getting it right the first time, while keeping beautiful design in mind.

Leverage our years of experience, knowledge and expertise by contacting us today.

VA Approved Contractor, Grants

Veterans can take advantage of VA accessibility grants for ADA home improvements. Contact your VA representative to see if you qualify for help with your home modifications. We are approved by the VA to get the job done right. We work with the VA to make the necessary changes that are safe and approved.

Remodel. Repair. Restore.

Hixon Home Improvements is the preferred residential contractor for ADA renovations, ADA remodeling and ADA bathrooms in Northwest Indiana and Southeast Chicago Suburbs for over 45 years.

Contact us to learn what options may be available for your home that can improve the quality of life for you or your loved ones. Ask us about various financial assistance options that may be available in your community.

ADA renovations can greatly improve the quality of life for seniors, others with special needs, and the families that care for them. Contact us to schedule a consultation.  

Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodeling

Custom ADA Bathrooms
Custom ADA Bathrooms

If an older adult or disabled person finds it difficult to use a facility designed for people who are healthy, making small changes can go a long ways. And besides, the changes also make bathrooms more accessible and comfortable for people who need them.

Custom ADA Bathrooms

Some of the bathroom remodeling modifications that can be done include the following:

  • Adding a walk-in bath tub: This can be great if you want to add a bathtub with high sides. It can help people who have trouble bathing in a regular bathtub.
  • Walk-in showers: They can also be called roll-in showers, no-threshold showers, handicapped-accessible showers, or barrier-free showers. You can install a bench or feature that can provide extra support and comfort.
  • Support Accessories: Install grab bars, handrails, or other supportive accessories so that you can use the bathroom without difficulty.
  • Include space in the bathroom that can be accessed by a wheelchair or by someone in transfer: This helps to ensure the bathroom has enough space, and follow ADA guidelines.
  • ADA-height toilet: Using a toilet with a raised seat may help the user, especially a person in a wheelchair.
  • Hands-free control or lever-handled sink: An hands-free control or lever-handled sink provides a convenient method for washing dishes, hands, and using water with ease.

Handicap Accessible Kitchen Remodeling

Custom ADA Kitchens

Kitchen spaces can be designed to accommodate and support handicapped people who wish to live an independent life. A handicap-friendly kitchen can also help a person with a physical disability to continue taking care of their family while being able to entertain their guests at home.
A wheelchair accessibility remodeling project for the disabled can change a one's perception of life. Moreover, remodeling for handicapped accessibility can also change the way those with physical handicaps can carry out their daily chores for the better.

  • Sit-down or roll-under sinks and countertops.
  • Install appliances at wheelchair height. You can also arrange appliances near countertops and sink to make work easier.
  • Drawer storage. Include drawer storage in place of the lower cabinets and move daily items into them for easy wheelchair access.
  • Accessories. Add easily accessible accessories and storage.

With these creative modifications, we can help revolutionize your kitchen and bring your home to life.

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Why Choose Hixon Home Improvements For Home Remodeling, Home Repair, and Home Restoration?

You need a professional remodeling company who partners with you by listening and delivering on your vision by carefully crafting customized solutions. At Hixon Home Improvements, we place value on earning our customers' business, and that's why we're the premier provider of home remodeling services in Northwest Indiana.

In other words, we take into account everything that matters to you and create customized remodeling options that address all of your needs.

We've built our reputation on honesty, hard work, attention to detail, and a desire to provide nothing less than total customer satisfaction. We stand behind our workmanship and our products, and our team of experienced home remodeling contractors can't be beat! Our services are extensive, so your entire home covered from top to bottom.

When you partner with our home remodeling contractors, you receive a range of options to fit your budget, "no surprises" estimates, and scheduling that takes into account your lifestyle. We make it easy to get the look you want, the protection your home deserves, and quality name-brand products you can trust.

Our Home Remodeling and Restoration Services Include:

Our Reputation Is Everything

A company is only as good as its reputation. For nearly five decades, Hixon Home Improvements has been exceeding the expectations of our customers. We have built our reputation on providing quality workmanship, customer service, accurate, "no surprises" estimates and attention to detail at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional value for money while exceeding all expectations!

Third-party Reviews Assure Trust

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GuildQuality is a third-part customer satisfaction survey provider, whose mission is: "fostering the relationship between clients and their customers requires their sacred trust." 
This model helps us to continue to improve our services and assures customers of our excellent reputation.

Financing and Loans

Financial Partnerships

Hixon's values the dreams and aspirations of our customers, which include renovations, repairs, additions and more. Recognizing this, we have carefully established strategic partnerships with top-tier financing companies and home equity loan providers.

Our objective in these partnerships is to secure advantageous financial terms that align with our clients' unique needs and situations. Thanks to our solid partnerships with these financial institutions, we can offer our customers effortless access to the funding they require. Our goal is to help customers achieve their dreams by providing excellent service, expertise, and financial solutions.

Traditional Installment Loans

Enerbank offers homeowners solutions to make their dreams become reality. Click the logo to learn more.

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Home Equity Loan Solutions

Home Equity Loan Solutions are also available with First Financial Bank.
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