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Fire Restoration Contractors

A fire in your home can be devastating. We understand and have been helping people restore their homes after a fire for more than 45 years.  Our estimator's are experienced with handling insurance claims and are knowledgeable with insurance coverages, code requirements. They can work closely with your insurance to ensure that you get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. Our office staff will assist you with claims processing details and mortgage company requirements. Hixon's is a professional restoration contractor and an approved contractor for most major carriers.

Hixon Home Improvements is your fire restoration company. We are fully licensed, insured and conduct business with integrity and excellence in customer service. Our fire restoration services adhere to all industry standards and we work quickly to get you back to living.

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Fire Remodel Project

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Smoke and Fire Damage

Smoke and fire restoration services require a significant amount of technique, expertise and knowledge. Often the damage related to these events involves an area greater than what is physically burnt. Smoke and fire creates a strong odor that tends to lingers in the damaged areas unless they are specially treated. Skilled cleaning of your HVAC system, furnishings, walls and light fixtures is necessary to avoid additional exposure to lingering fire and smoke particles. This particulate can irritate a person's eyes, nasal passages and throat. Fire restoration companies have the experience you need.  

A contents company will ensure all furniture and fixtures are packed out, cleaned and deodorized ad kept safely in storage until restoration is complete. We treat the inside of a building with ozone generation, wipe down, air duct cleaning and then general construction typically follows.

Our team of experts can restore, repair, deodorize and clean up your property without the hassle.

Whether it's a small kitchen fire or a total loss of a building, choose Hixon as your fire restoration company. We are ready to bring you back to pre-loss condition.

For immediate response call 219-838-8718.

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