Emergency Board Up Service

If your home or building is ever damaged by a fire, a flood, or any number of human or natural disasters, protect your property from vandalism, liability, and theft. Hixon Home Improvements provides exceptional 24-Hour Emergency Board Up Service in your time of need.

If your property is damaged and you need board up service:

  • Call 219-838-8718 to have our property damage restoration service experts install temporary support for structural damage, board up property that has been damaged and keep your belongings safe, remove ash, soot and hose water, and begin the restoration process of your home or business.
  • Call your insurance company to make a claim.
  • Make plans of a temporary place to stay. Check your home owner's policy for "out of home living provisions".
  • Take pictures with your camera phone or borrow one from a friend or neighbor. Video of the damage would also be helpful.
  • Stay out of any room or structure that appears to be un-safe by showing any signs visible cracking, uplifting, sagging, leaning, or "new" openings.
  • Stay off of any  structure that has recently experienced a natural disaster.
  • Stay near your home or business (and keep others out) until we arrive.

If you have any questions, please call or email now so we can begin the process of restoring your property: